How it Works

1: Book an Appointment

Simply use the contact form, whatsapp or call us to arrange an appointment! The AHC appointment MUST be within 10 days of your departure date.

2: Complete the Travel Details Form

We will send you a form which must be completed at least 48 hours before your AHC appointment.

You will also need to contact your vet to ask for proof of previous rabies vaccinations by requesting the medical history for the day the vaccine was given.

3: Arrive at your appointment with your pet!

This appointment is compulsory and cannot be missed. It is a legal requirement that we ensure your pet is fit to travel and scan the microchip. This will take approximately 20 minutes. If you are returning to the UK within 5 days, we can also administer the necessary tapeworm tablet.

4: Pack your bags!

You now have the paperwork needed to take your pet on holiday with you. Bon Voyage! 

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